Our improvisation classes are available on a drop-in basis, which means you can come as often as you like, but also have some flexibility (book via Meetup).

The classes will be run in blocks of typically 4 to 5 weeks focused on one particular area of improvisation, such as character, physicality, dialogue, emotion, group-mind, and much more.

The short-courses are designed to progressively build your skills as an improviser, so to gain the most out of the workshops, it is worthwhile attending as many as possible.


Performance is an important part of your development as an improviser, so throughout the year we will also have New Talent Showcases giving you the opportunity to perform together in a show. Casting in the showcase will be at the discretion of the show's director. From time to time, improvisers from the Wednesday classes will also be invited along to workshop with the main Impulse Theatre cast and to perform in a show with them.


Your teacher for the workshops is Jonathan Briden. Jonathan is one of the founders of Impulse Theatre and has over 30 years experience as a performer, director, and teacher of improvisation.

Book a spot

Classes cost $10 /class. The classes are in high demand, and spaces are limited. To ensure you get a spot, please book via Meetup...


Course Schedule

The course schedule is subject to revision. Dates of later blocks may change with other commitments throughout the year. Specific class content is a guideline only and will vary according to the needs and rate of progress of the students in the class.

Block 3: The Fun of Discovery

28/03/2018 to 25/04/2018 (no class 11/04/2018, see below)

Improvisation should be fun, and the best way to have fun is to avoid work! Rather than doing all the hard work of creating a reality, the characters and the circumstances, we can simply discover these through "creative adjacency". This simple but powerful concept works on the principle that everything already exists. It helps us to discover, step-by-step, who our character is, where they are, what is happening, and their relationship - all with little-to-no effort.

Please note: There is no regular class on 11 April 2018. We are hosting American improv guru, Gary Schwartz, so there will be a special class on this date that is NOT part of our regular classes.

Block 4: Word Power

dates to be confirmed (probably starting on 09/05/2018)

What we say, how and when we say it, how much we say, and when we choose silence, all tell us a great deal about our character and the moment they are living in. We will work on skills to help us harness our dialogue to enhance both the comedy and the drama of our scenes.

Block 5: Let's Get Physical

dates to be confirmed

Our body is one of our most powerful instruments as a performer. Not only do we express ourselves through our body, but our body can also tell us what to do on stage. We will work on scenes that help us unlock the potential of our body for greater expressiveness, enhance our stage presence, and harness it's powerful kinaesthetic responses for a more connected performance. We will also work on some basic object-work (mime) techniques that will help you gain confidence in creating and interacting with the physical space around you.

Block 6: Performance

dates to be confirmed

We've already learned lots of techniques and built our skills. Now we look at how these can be best applied in a performance context. We will do scenes and exercises to help us build "group mind", look at how to create longer, more complex scenes, and learn how to share focus and make transitions between scenes.

Block 7: Getting Messy

dates to be confirmed

Much of what we have learned so far focuses on working together to create simple cohesive scenes, but as we improve our improv skills and build trust we reach a point where we can also successfully mess with the scene and with each other. This can be tremendous fun for the players and delightful for the audience - when done well. It is an advanced skillset that requires a high degree of trust and a good understanding of our fellow players. We'll learn how to successfully throw a curve-ball, and how to deal with it when someone does.


Date Wednesdays as per schedule (above)
Time 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Location Room 4, Phillipstown Community Hub*
39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown
Participants max 12
Cost $10 per class

* The Phillipstown Community Hub is at 39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown. It is the old Phillipstown primary school. You can park your vehicle in the car-park, the entrance is directly opposite Cross St.



If you have any questions about this workshop, please send us a message using the Contact Form.

Previous blocks

  dates title content
block 1 10/01/2018 to 07/02/2018 Fundamentals and Stagecraft In this block we will be playing out scenes that help build fundamental skills of improvisation such as agreement, listening, being in the moment, and the freedom to fail. We will also use scene-work to look at how we can make the best use of the stage in an improvised performance.
block 2 14/02/2018 to 21/03/2018 Character and Relationship At the heart of every story are the characters. We investigate a variety of options that help you discover a character. Through discovery, the characters we portray are more natural and organic, and scenework becomes easier as the character "knows" instinctively how to react. This, in turn, helps us more easily realise the nature of our character and the relationship they have with the other characters in the scene.