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Impulse Theatre

Impulse Theatre is committed to creating innovative works of theatre through the art of improvisation.

Improvisation is an incredibly demanding form of acting, where each performer is not only the actor, but also the playwright and director, all bundled into one. Our talented cast works together under the guidance of improv veteran teacher and director, Jonathan Briden, as well as regular guest instructors from both New Zealand and overseas.

Meet more of our cast on the Who's Who page.


The great thing about improv is that every show you see will be completely different.  Our talented cast push themselves to the limit to create scenes that can range from the beautiful and heartfelt to the bold and hilarious.  No stone is left unturned.

Our shows are fun, intimate, and relaxed.  And, no, we are not going to drag you up on stage, or ask you awkward questions.  That's not our thing.  You're at our show to enjoy the show, not to be pested into being part of it.

If on the other hand, you want to be part of it - check out the Training section.

Payments and Koha

If you need to pay for a class, or would like to give koha (a donation), please visit the Payments and Koha page.


Our regular workshops and classes for adults provide training in the skills and techniques of improvised theatre.  Our main cast work on their skills on a weekly basis, plus we also offer both causal drop in classes, longer courses, and special masterclasses with guest teachers from around the world!

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