What’s On?

Please check our Facebook page for show details, or visit the Humanitix site for tickets.

About our shows

Impulse Theatre produces a variety of fun and exciting shows. We love to challenge people’s ideas of what improvisation can be, and there’s something for everyone.

Improv can stray into "adult" content sometimes, but we’re good at reining that in when there are younger members in the audience. If in any doubt, please get in touch, or just let us know before the show.

Some of our favourites

  • Strangers is one of our more dramatic (but often still funny) shows. It feels like watching a really good play. So much so, that we’ve had audience ask us after the show, "Who wrote it?"
  • Peregrine V is a full-length improvised sci-fi. It’s loads of crazy sci-fi fun, where the performers don’t know who, or even what, they will be playing until the show starts.
  • Red v Blue is classic quick-witted comedy improvisation.
  • Off Book is a full, improvised musical, that follows a continuous story for the length of the show (just like real musicals).
  • Living Art is one of our newest shows. It takes inspiration from the work of a local artist, who presents some of their art and we improvise! You’ll see scenes, stories, songs, poems, and more — plus some amazing art!