Join the rag-tag crew of the Peregrine V for a show that's out of this world

"Peregrine V" is a fun and sassy improvised sci-fi show. A little bit Firefly, a little bit Star Trek, and maybe even a hint of Battlestar Galactica, this show follows the journey of the crew of the Peregrine V as they face the dangers of an unpredictable universe.

Special Premiere Mini-season announced!

We'll be kicking off with two shows at Little Andromeda on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of March. More shows to follow.

A random universe

The universe is random — and so are our shows. We created this random character generator to assign characters to the cast. We'll use it live during the show, but thought it'd be fun to share.

It's easy to use, just click the space-bar (or click anywhere) to step through the "identification protocol".

character generator

Visit our Facebook events page for full list of show dates and times.

"Peregrine V" is an Impulse Theatre production. Concept by Jonathan Briden.