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Musicals are exciting, full of energy, and deeply emotive. But what happens when there is no script, no score?

Every song is created in the moment, fuelled by emotion and driven forward by the power of the music.

In our new show, Off Book: The Musical, Impulse Theatre are taking musical to the next level.

Following on from the hugely successful show “Strangers”, we are teaming up with musical genius Michael Bell to create an hour-long fully improvised musical that is sure to delight and will send you home humming tunes that no one has ever heard before.

Where and when?

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"Off Book: The Musical" is an Impulse Theatre production.


What happens when two strangers meet? Do they pass like ships in the night, have a brief moment of connection, or form a lifelong friendship? Do they fall in love, or become mortal enemies?

STRANGERS explores the moment when two people meet, and how their relationship develops or disintegrates. Watch as our actors create beautiful moments of humour, heartbreak, and humanity in an unscripted exploration of the genesis of relationship.

Where and when?

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"Strangers" is an Impulse Theatre production.


We're all a little different; We all wear "masks" at one time or another; We also have much in common.

MASK LIFE is an exhilarating exploration of the funnier side of life behind the mask.

This performance combines both masked and unmasked actors. Although the masks cannot speak, they are surprisingly versatile, and their simplicity creates a performance that is beautifully in-the-moment, present, and engaged.

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"Mask Life" is an Impulse Theatre production, devised and directed by Jonathan Briden, in association with Pauline Calmé.

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