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Christiane Brew

Rahel Otsa is a thoughtful and dynamic improviser who created one of the first improv theatres in Estonia, Jaa !mproteater; and is the main producer of the International Improv Festival Tilt in Tallinn. Before becoming hooked on improvisation, Rahel's early focus was on classical theatre and the theatre of the oppressed. She combines all of these experiences to find new ways to approach improvisation. She is constantly looking for ways to make improvisation touch audiences' hearts and minds with more than just laughter. Rahel firmly believes that well-told stories can change the world.

Christiane Brew

Christiane Brew is a professional improvisor, storyteller, and actress based in Tokyo. She's visiting NZ in November, so we've tempted her to come down to Christchurch to share some of her amazing depth of storytelling and improvisation knowledge with us.

There will be a half-day workshop on Saturday 16 November, and a full-day workshop on Sunday 17 November (with a possible show to follow).

Luke Rimmelzwaan

We are constantly surrounded by ghosts. The figments of memory that haunt us, our childhood growing up, the joy we feel when we see those we love. These ghosts are all around us at all times. They influence us, but are never seen. But what if we could?

Luke Rimmelzwaan, the founder of Brisbane's ImproMafia, is visiting for the New Zealand Improv Festival. While he's here, we've nabbed him to do a workshop on the fun and phantasmal concept of magical realism.

The workshop will be a full day on Sunday, October 6th. Places are strictly limited!

Danny Lee

Do you want to upgrade your mime and clown skills? As well as being a lot of fun, these skills really add to your physical presence on stage.

We're very fortunate to have a top teacher right here in Christchurch. Danny Lee is the creative director and premiere performer of Circotica and a very experienced physical performance teacher. He will be running a full day workshop on Sunday, August 4th.

Kay Schutte

creative communities Christchurch

In huge demand around the world, we've been incredibly lucky to grab Katy Schutte right here in Christchurch!

Katy will be running 3 workshops over the weekend from Friday, 22nd through to Sunday, 24th February 2019, covering a broad range of improvisation skills. The Sunday workshop will also build towards a public performance on the Sunday evening - Genre Performance w/ Katy Schutte

These workshops have been made possible in part thanks to a grant from the Creative Communities Scheme (see below for additional details).

Jonathan Pitts

This is your chance to work with one of the big names of the Chicago improv scene - Jonathan Pitts.

Chicago is the Mecca of modern improvisation, home of the famous Second City, a place that has been one of the main sources for an entire generation of America’s best and brightest comedic entertainers for over 30 years, and Jonathan Pitts has been right at the centre of that for much of its history. He is a co-founder of the Chicago Improv Festival, which he has produced for 20 years. He taught at the famous Second City training centre for 18 years.

Here in New Zealand for the New Zealand Improv Festival, we are very lucky that Jonathan has agreed to take a side-trip to Christchurch! Come and upgrade your improv with one of the world's best teachers!

Linda Calgaro is an Australian actor, teacher, director, singer and musician who is passionate about making improv theatre.  More recently, she has been living and working in Nelson, but we have one last chance to work with her before she returns home to Sydney.

Linda is a talented vocalist and musician, capable of bringing out the best in even the most reluctant singer in a fun and delightful way.  Don't miss this opportunity to work with Linda, in a full day workshop that will open your eyes and ears to the possibilities of spontaneous, joyous vocal exploration.

Pauline Calmé is a French improvisation teacher from Paris. She is a specialist in the use of mask and will be teaching a full-day workshop on Saturday,19th May 2018.

Pauline's previous workshop sold out, but luckily for us, she is staying an extra week and is offering a full-day workshop on Saturday.

This is a great opportunity to work with an international teacher with a unique and inspirational approach. You don't need to be an improviser to benefit from this workshop as the techniques and concepts taught are broadly applicable to all forms of performing arts.

This is HUGE! Award-winning, TV and film actor, director, comedian and a master teacher of improvisational acting, Gary Schwartz, will be joining us in April this year for a weekend intensive from Friday, 13th April to Sunday, 15th April.

"Gary is a terrific teacher" --- Dan Castellaneta (a.k.a. Homer Simpson)

"Viola had genius and she shared it. Gary Schwartz continues to share her genius with integrity" --- Valerie Harper

Master teacher of improvisational acting, Gary Schwartz, will be teaching an evening workshop on Wed 11th April from 7pm - 9:30pm.

This is an amazing opportunity to work with one of the world's top improv teachers and is suitable for improvisers of any level.  Gary is here to teach a full masterclass from Friday 13th - Sunday 15th and the Wednesday workshop provides a great chance to work with him for those who cannot commit to the full weekend workshop, or who just want to dip their toe into the world of improvisation.