In October, Jonathan Briden (Artistic Director of Impulse Theatre) will be presenting his "Get Engaged" workshop at the New Zealand Improvisation Festival in Wellington.

Perfect for...

Performers who want to bring out the truth of their characters in a way that will enliven their dramatic scenes and enrich their comedic scenes.

Workshop description

People often talk about an "engaging: performance, but what they are seeing is an "engaged" performance. While a good story and compelling dialogue play their part, an audience only truly engages when they suspend their disbelief. In that moment they believe the characters are real, and they care about what happens to them. You will learn to engage with your scene partner, your environment, and yourself, in ways that will bring your characters and your scenes to life.

Engagement helps you create true-to-life dramatic scenes and adds richness to your comedic scenes. Improvisation becomes simpler. The burden of invention disappears. You inhabit the character in that moment in their life. Your responses become natural, honest, human. Engaging, because you are engaged.

Common fear-induced responses (like blocking, wimping, gagging, …) are removed, because a truly engaged improviser has no fear - They do not hear the voice of doubt.


Book for "Get Engaged" via the NZIF website.  There are only 12 places available, so don't miss out!