Jonathan Briden (Artistic Director of Impulse Theatre) presents "Get Engaged" in Christchurch on Monday 5th December 2016.  Jonathan presented this workshop for El Teatro Piso in Buenos Aires in April, and it sold out at the NZ Improvisation Festival in Wellington in October - Now it's your chance Christchurch!

Perfect for Every Actor

This workshop will help you to bring out the truth of your characters, regardless of the medium.  For stage or screen, engagement is an essential facet of your performance.  Bring your dramatic scenes to life and enrich your comedic scenes.  These skills will also provide a boost to your auditions.

Workshop description

People often talk about an "engaging: performance", but what they are seeing is an "engaged" performance. While a good story and compelling dialogue play their part, an audience only truly engages when they suspend their disbelief. In that moment they believe the characters are real, and they care about what happens to them. You will learn to engage with your scene partner, your environment, and yourself, in ways that will bring your characters and your scenes to life.

Engagement helps you create true-to-life dramatic scenes and adds richness to your comedic scenes.  You inhabit the character in that moment in their life.  Your responses become natural, honest, human.  Engaging, because you are engaged.

Even for seasoned actors, performance and auditions can cause the jitters, but your fear-induced responses disappear when you are truly engaged.  An engaged performer does not hear the voice of doubt.


Date Monday, 5th December 2016
Time 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Location Room 4, Phillipstown Community Centre*
39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown
Participants max 12
Cost $ 20


* The Phillipstown Community Centre is at 39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown. It is the old Phillipstown primary school. You can park your vehicle in the car park, the entrance is directly opposite Cross St.


To book for the workshop, please use the Contact Form.  Include your Name, Email, and Phone, and include "Book Get Engaged" (or something similar) in the Message.  You can also use the form if you have any questions about the workshop.

There are only 12 places available, so don't miss out!