David Razowsky: Improvising as an Actor – July 2016

Learn how to effortlessly create instant relationships, compelling points of view, strong character choices, and exciting and natural scenarios.

Actors who have worked with Razowsky call his approach “compelling”, “gratifying”, “simple”, and “exciting”.

You can read more about David, and his work, on his website – davidrazowsky.com.

Bonus: Guided Performance

As part of the workshop, there will be a guided improvisation performance on the evening of Sunday, 17th. This is an unmissable opportunity to put what you have learned into action!

Performing in a show that’s directed by David Razowsky is a special event, particularly when David directs you while you perform. His gentle, direct “side coaching” has proven to benefit all improvisers who’ve joined him for these “Guided Improv Scenes.” The cast of actors will be lead through two-person scenes with David keeping the actors focused on their points-of-view, guiding them toward the “shiny objects,” following where the scene’s heat is and where the scenic surprises live. All this with a live audience!

(Note: Participation in the performance is optional – but highly recommended!)

Notes for Participants

  • David’s unique method of teaching improvisation means that you need not have previously studied improvisation. A background in acting (in any form) will help you get more out of the experience, but all that really matters is you, your experience as a living, breathing human being, and a willingness to set aside your ego, and just be.
  • Priority for places in the workshop will be given to local performers. Impulse Theatre is committed to bringing world-class teachers to Christchurch to offer exceptional training experiences to our local performers. Whilst we appreciate the enthusiasm shown by other NZ performers to travel to Christchurch for these workshops, our goal is to add to the performing arts scene here in Christchurch.


If you have any questions about this workshop, including applying for a cost reduction, please send a message using the contact form.