Pauline Calmé: La Poésie sans Parole – Nov 2017

Pauline Calmé is a French improviser from Paris best known for her poetic, musical and clowning approach to improvisation. She is visiting New Zealand to attend NZIF (the NZ Improvisation Festival) and as part of her visit will be coming to Christchurch to share her knowledge of Physical Theatre, Mask, and Movement in this special one-day master-class.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an international teacher with a unique and inspirational approach. You need not be an improviser to benefit from this workshop as the techniques and concepts taught are broadly applicable to all forms of performing arts.

When we tame the fear of saying nothing, when we start to use our body and be creative with it, we enter in a wonderful poetic world which gives rise to clowns, choral metaphors, and dancing scenes.

In this workshop, Pauline shares what she has learned, what she likes to play with, and what she believes in as an improviser. Physical theater is powerful. work will be based on three things:

The work in this master-class will be based on four things:

  • Physical theater techniques [1]
  • Mask techniques [2]
  • Group connection
  • Dance and movement

[1] Inspired by the work of Ira Sedienstein.
[2] As learned from Mark Jane and Steve Jarand.

More about Pauline Calmé

Pauline is an experienced performer who has performed alongside famous Parisian improvisers such as Mark Jane, Les Eux, and internationals such as Omar Galvan and Patti Stiles. She has performed regularly with her company, Smoking Sofa, in their long-form improv show for over four years.

Working tirelessly to improve her art, Pauline practices masks with Trance Mask France and the physical theatre method of Ira Seidenstein.

Amongst her other work, Pauline also teaches improvisers how to go beyond gender stereotypes, helping them to recognise the stereotypes they are playing and to reveal what characters they can play but don’t. She offers ways in which we can find our own femininity and masculinity to play credible, deep, lovable or horrible characters.


“Pauline is an excellent colleague, classical actress and fully engaged physically and intellectually”
— Ira Seidenstein

“A rare talent. She is a smart improviser who can play with her instinct. She has a clear style, spontaneous, and gives off a positive energy”
— Mark Jane

“Pauline has a fearless spirit of play and is a generous improviser”
— Patti Stiles

Poster photo credit: Alice Seno

Workshop Details and Booking Form

Dates / TimesSaturday, 4th November – 10 am – 5pm (with a lunch break)
LocationOriginal Scripts Theatre School
Common Room Building
Christchurch Arts Centre
2 Worcester Boulevard,

Participantsmaximum 12
Booking Formbookings are closed


If you have any questions about this workshop, including applying for a cost reduction, please send a message using the contact form.