Vivienne Chalklen

After years of her friends telling her, “You’re so dramatic!” Vivienne, decided to branch out into acting. She sometimes goes by “V”, and like the drink she’s small, energetic, and highly caffeinated.

Nicolas Bisi

While Brazil may be known for its rainforests, this boy from the favelas has a wit as dry as they come.

Monica Vahl

Monica is like a candy-cane shiv – her sweetness conceals a cutting wit.

Kuniyo Kamiya

The Clark Kent of the improv world. By day, Kunio is a mild-mannered bean-counter, but a quick change in the nearest phone booth and he transforms into a super-hero level improviser. Kunio recently won Toastmaster of the Year. His short novels have been published in the magazine for a number of years.

Joanna Prendergast

Joanna (aka Jo Ghastly, aka The Cool Mum) has been improvising for over 20 years. She is heavily involved in film acting, including roles in feature films and TV comedy. She performs regularly as a stand-up comedian, known as “the ultra-cool Mum who knows the lingo”. She is involved in sketch writing and performance including … Read more

Isabel Lutz

Isabel Lutz

Experienced in improv, screen and stage acting, Isabel is passionate about inviting the audience into a colourful world of phantasm and melodrama. With a wide range of emotions to play with, Isabel is no stranger to bringing unique and eccentric characters to life, or even something as simple as a loaf of bread.