Luke Rimmelzwaan: “Ghosts”, Oct 2019

We are constantly surrounded by ghosts. The figments of memory that haunt us, our childhood growing up, the joy we feel when we see those we love. These ghosts are all around us at all times. They influence us, but are never seen. But what if we could?

Luke Rimmelzwaan, the founder of Brisbane’s ImproMafia, is visiting for the New Zealand Improv Festival. While he’s here, we’ve nabbed him to do a workshop on the fun and phantasmal concept of magical realism.

The workshop will be a full day on Sunday, October 6th. Places are strictly limited!

The Workshop

This workshop opens a door to playing in a world of magical realism, where we can use the resonances of our characters past, relationships and feelings to add layers and depth to our scene work. It allows a uniquely collaborative way of playing that frees players up to explore new and different work.

Grounded in an organic approach to impro, this workshop lets go of concepts of game, and focuses on building scenes out of relationships. Participants will learn these techniques as well as the new skill of adding ghosts into these scenes. The workshop will give opportunities for participants to extend themselves in a fun and supportive environment.

About Luke

Luke is a founder of ImproMafia, one of Australia’s oldest improvisation theatre companies and has been improvising for twenty years. He has performed and taught around Australia and the world including in Poland, Taipei, Manila, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne. He has developed many new improvised shows across a wide range of styles including Martini Time, Rock Pigs, Trade, Not 4 Kidz and Tales from the Old Country. He has also performed circus with Tofulama and directed operas, musicals and short films. Luke has appeared in a number of stage productions including Jesus Christ Superstar, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing and Lovepuke. Luke is one of the founders of Corporation Theatre.

Workshop Details and Booking Form

Dates / TimesSunday 6th October: 10 am – 5 pm (1 hr lunch break)
LocationOriginal Scripts Theatre School
Common Room Building
Christchurch Arts Centre
2 Worcester Boulevard,

Participantsmax 12
Cost$80 (Some reduced cost places are available, see below)
Booking Formbookings are closed


If you have any questions about this workshop, including applying for a cost reduction, please send a message using the contact form.