Claudia Pantani: Duos and Movement – Dec 2022

Claudia Pantani, from Italy, joins us for two workshops over the weekend of 3-4 December.

About the teacher

Claudia is an improviser, trained contemporary dancer, screen actor, and facilitator of improvised movement workshops, from Italy. A traveling instructor and performer, she has participated in festivals around the world.

It Takes Two – Improvising as a Duo (Sat 3 Dec)

Improv as a duo can feel hard, especially without the help of a director or side coach. In this workshop, we will explore some of the tools that I have myself discovered on my journey to my first “duo-prov” experience.

Long-form for two often employs different tools from the ones used by larger improv teams. As a result, as duos, we are sometimes left to our own devices and need to undergo a process of trial and error. In this workshop, we will explore experimental ways of telling a compelling story without the aid of external edits and side coaching. Using time jumps as a supportive narrative tool, we will also allow the topography of the stage to inform our characters and relationships as we discover them.

Movement for Improvisers (Sun 4 Dec)

In improv, stage movement can be every bit as important as dialogue. Over our 4 hours together, we will work on enhancing physicality in any scene and using the topography of the stage as a narrative element. 

This intensive session is designed to help you become more aware of your movement on stage and make informed decisions to discover and portray your character as well as carry out the scene. We will start with a gentle group warm-up, then combine some of the principles of physical theatre, Viewpoints and Laban technique to explore space and movement within ourselves and in relation to the stage and each other. Towards the end of our time together, we will put our recently discovered tools into practice through a jam session/improvised physical piece.